Jobs Description

  • Shipfitter
  • 3-5 years
  • Accredited apprenticeship program
  • 4 April
  • 4 July

Evo Marine is a turnkey technical service company that works for the navy, maritime companies, and all other governmental agencies. We have a reputation for investing heavily in our employees and contractor care, and have a policy of openness and honesty.

We are expanding our professional staff to support and accelerate business growth. This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a dynamic company with an excellent reputation throughout the Marine Industry. We offer a robust compensation package with a competitive salary, fantastic benefits, paid time off, growth opportunities, and more.



Job Type



Lays out and fabricate metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads, and frames. Braces them in position within the hull or ship for riveting or welding.This progression position encompasses 5 levels: JM 1, JM 2, JM 3, JM 4, and JM 5. Moving from one classification to another requires more complex duties and time in the progression.


  • Lays out the position of parts on metal, working from blueprints or templates and using scribe and hand tools.
  • Locates and marks reference lines like center, buttock, and frame lines.
  • Positions parts in the hull of the ship, assisted by a rigger.
  • Aligns parts with each other, using jacks, turnbuckles, clips, wedges, and mauls.
  • Marks the location of holes to be drilled and installs temporary fasteners to hold the part in place for welding or riveting.
  • Prepares templates for the fabrication of nonstandard parts.
  • Rolls, bends, flanges, cuts, shapes plates, beams, and other heavy metal parts.
  • Installs packing, gaskets, liners, and structural accessories and members, such as doors, hatches, brackets, and clips.
  • Tacks weld clips and brackets in place prior to permanent welding.
  • Willing to work any shift and overtime as required.


  • Experience and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • A thorough knowledge of power tools, shipboard metal grades, and structural components is required.
  • Must be able to pass eye test and workmanship qualification test.
  • Must be tested and fit for respirator use.
  • Willing to work any shift and overtime as required.

Education and/or Experience

  • High school diploma required
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of proven experience in a metal working trade is required as the ability to demonstrate high proficiency in this area.
  • A two-year technical degree, accredited apprenticeship program, or equivalent work experience is required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills are required
  • Familiarity with blueprints and drawings
  • Ability to read and interpret documents and instructions
  • Ability to take directions and follow instructions
  • Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly
  • Ability to work on beams, scaffolding, ladders, and confined spaces
  • Ability to work a variety of assignments and locations on a daily or hourly basis
  • Strong ability to be reliable, dependable, and work as a team
  • Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.