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Naval Architecture, Engineering basic and detailed, procurement & prefabrication, hull structure works, pipe and outfitting works, electrical works, HVAC & insulation works, complete systems as turn key delivery: scrubbers, BWTS, etc.
Oil & Gas Industry

oil & gas

Engineering, procurement, prefabrication and logistic for pipe spools and steel structure. Installation and commissioning of the pipe spools and steel structure

About us

We are a team of professionals specializing in complete turnkey solution. In the last 5 years we have delivered the best services on time with dedicated people to ensure our customers were satisfied with the end-product at the best value.

In a rapidly changing environment, Evomarine can adapt to our clients’ needs with successful outcomes.  We take your ideas and sketches and transform them into solutions.

We are ready to meet the next challenge!  

About EvoMarine - team

Main Services

Engineering Services

Expertise to meet your criteria through our experienced Engineers and Technicians.
procurement, prefabrication services

Procurement, Prefabrication & Logistics

We are outsourcing your procurement & logistics department.

Pipe & Outfitting Installation

New builds, retrofits, repair and maintenance projects.

Complete Turn-key Projects

Provide a full range of services with minimal downtime and disruption.
Electrical installation

Electrical Installation

Design, engineer, build, install, maintain electrical installations at high standards.
marine interior construction and refurbishment

Marine interior construction & refurbishment

Design, produce, procure and construct cabins & public spaces for marine interior.

Message from CEO

Evomarine is a highly professional organization which I’m proud to be CEO. The success of Evomarine is based on safety, trust, integrity, and transparency.

We strive to provide the best value for our customers by providing skilled workers where quality is the cornerstone to success.

Scott Anderson

Business Pillars

Continuous Improvement

Every project is an opportunity to develop our people, technology, and planning. We value feedback from our customers in order to improve every aspect of any project. Planning is the key to all activities and refining work planning is a key to improvement.

Resource Development

People are always the most valuable resource any company. We believe in their creative potential which transforms ideas into results. When ideas intersect with solid managerial and technical competencies success follows. We provide training in ensure the best practices with the latest technology and techniques are part of the indentity of our people.

Solid Partnerships

Developing relationships with our clients are one of the most important aspects of our business. A partnership is always a win-win proposition, with the client receiving the best value on the market. A partnership is built on trust, reliability, integrity, and quality. Our partnerships extend to shipowners, ship operators, shipyards, OEMs, and even competitors.

We work in

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Evomarine is a certified marine engineering services company.

Powered by a team of experts, we set out to solve the biggest problems in the industry with a hand-picked selection of tools.

We focus on both sides of the equation – quality for our clients and a healthy environment.

ISO 2004
OHSAS 2007
ISO 2015

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