Marine Industry

Our core skills include naval architecture, systems engineering, multi-discipline design support and project management for new build and in-service commercial vessels.


We provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise to meet their criteria through the use of our experienced Engineers and Technicians.

Below is our engineering services from design through installation support.


structural detail design
  • Hull surface plate division, expansion and making
  • Plate bending information and templates
  • Structural 3D modelling for production and design review
  • Plate and profile nesting
  • CNC code (ESSI, ISSO, G-code) bevel and making
  • Profiles bending information
  • Assembly drawings
  • Unit drawings (workshop drawings) Part lists, reports for parts, stocks, profiles, weight and CG
Piping & machinery
  • Pipe routing, supports and equipment modelling
  • HVAC routing, supports and equipment modelling
  • Cable trays and cable supports modelling
  • 3D models for integration with third-party deliveries
  • Arrangement drawings and structure integration
  • Structure penetration drawings
  • Isometrics for prefabrication and assembling
  • Part list by isometric, line, system, zone
  • Prefabrication, welding and assembling specifications
  • Pipeline test list
  • Equipment foundations
  • Cutting info
  • Railings and platforms design and arrangement
  • Hatches design and integration
  • Stairs and ladders design and arrangement
  • Lifting beams


technical suitability evaluation
  • Shortlist of viable equipment
  • Review of Vessel Ballast P&ID
  • Review of Machinery Arrangement drawings
  • Review of Electrical drawings
Onboard survey & 3D laser scanning
  • Shortlist of viable equipment
  • Review of Vessel Ballast P&ID
  • Review of Machinery Arrangement drawings
  • Review of Electrical drawings
Basic Engineering
  • Integration design
  • Classification documentation for piping systems
  • Classification documentation for electrical systems
  • General Arrangement, Machinery Layout
  • Foundation BTMS equipment
  • Pump Room modification
Detail Engineering
  • 3D Modelling for Pipe and Hull elements
  • Workshop drawings
  • Part list & material specifications
  • Pressure drop Calculation
  • Flow Analysis
Installation Support
  • Follow-up of the installation procedure
  • Follow-up of installation of new piping and electrical systems
  • Final class inspection
  • Container vessel
  • Passenger vessel
  • PSV
  • Tanker
  • General Cargo 
  • Bulk carrier
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast delivery time
  • 360° engineering service
  • Two teams for Survey & 3D laser scanning


We are organized to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. Our teams are working closely with a dedicated Supply Chain and Procurement management; therefore, we handpick our suppliers and focus on delivering the best solutions in the best time frame.

We are set apart from other companies by the diverse services we deliver and the high standards we require from our local suppliers.

Below are listed procurement, prefabrication and logistic services we deliver.


Top suppliers for materials, equipment & tools
  • Material certification
  • All industry steel grade standards: API 5L, ISO3183, EN 10208-2
  • All dimension standards in all schedules
  • Other materials than steel: Duplex & Super Duplex,  Nickel Alloy & Inconel,  Fiber Glass, PE
  • Top brands for tools & equipment
  • Best industry suppliers for significant equipment
Logistic & material protection
  • Materials handing-over
  • Materials  loading
  • Materials coating  hauling
  • Materials unloading
  • Materials Inventory keeping and traceability
  • Materials protection
  • Pipe materials storing
  • Pipe materials transportation
Marine Procurement Prefabrication


Available pre-fabrication shop in Romania:

Fabrication workshop:
WIDTH = 21 m. LENGTH = 10 m, HEIGHT = 8 m
Pre-fabrication Workshop:
WIDTH = 32 m, LENGTH = 25 m, HEIGHT = 8 m
Complete Fabrication Documentation
(including welders certificates, traceability documents, materials certificates, etc.)
30-50 tons/month, depending on the DN

Steel outfitting fabrication (capacity 50 tons/month)
  • Equipment foundations
  • Pipe Supports
  • Grating Platforms
  • Inclined and vertical ladders
  • Independent tanks
  • Vent Ducts
  • Hand Rails
  • Crossovers and access platforms
  • Manhole covers
  • Access hatches
Pipe spool fabrication (capacity 35 tons/month)
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pipe modules


EVOMARINE can be your trusted partner in outsourcing your procurement & logistics department for the marine industry. Our expertise will add value to your company and provide a performance boost to your supply chain.

When companies grow, so do the challenges in achieving more significant spending under management, driving compliance, managing supply chain risks, and reducing inefficiencies and costs. We are here to advise and enable access to technology that will improve your company’s financial performance and efficiency.


EVOMARINE can be your trusted partner in providing riding crew personnel with high technical skills, such as welders, pipefitters, steel fitters, painters, and insulators, including engineers and complete maintenance or commissioning teams for the onboard systems.

Our specialized teams are ready for any particular task per our customer specifications.

About EvoMarine - team

Hull Structure Jobs

We at Evomarine keep our focus on efficiency, comfort and safety, delivering all Hull Structure Jobs at high standards for our marine industry clients.

Below are Hull Structure Jobs performed by our teams.

  • Component assembly
  • Block assembly
  • Superblock assembly
  • Tank assembly
  • Structure modification
  • Class-rated bulkhead installation
  • Structural supports;
  • Fairing activities
  • Welding repairs activities


Evomarine strives to become a standard setter in the Pipe & Outfitting Installations Jobs. We perform any type of work at the same standard, including new builds, retrofits, repair and maintenance projects. We take pride in that our teams are highly skilled and use both expertise and innovation to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.

Below are listed Pipe & Outfitting Installation jobs performed by our teams:

  • Exhaust gas washing system piping installation
  • Steam system piping installation
  • Condensate system piping installation
  • Ballast system piping installation
  • Boiler water feeding system piping installation
  • HFO system piping installation + insulation
  • MGO system piping installation + insulation
  • Technical air system piping installation
  • Control air system piping installation
  • Air vent system piping installation
  • Diesel Generators seawater cooling system piping installation
  • Chiller seawater cooling system piping installation
  • Black water system piping installation
  • Wastewater system piping installation
  • Fresh water system piping installation
  • Scrubber system piping
    • Drain for scrubber piping installation
    • Open/Closed loop for scrubber piping installation
    • Chiller cooling system piping installation

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Duplex/Super Duplex
Aluminum reinforced PEX
Press fittings


Operators in the marine industry understand the importance of high-quality onboard electrical installations. It is mandatory to be reliable, maintainable and safe at all times and in all conditions.

Evomarine's electrical teams are highly skilled and have great experience working in the marine industry. Being solution orientated, we design, engineer, build, install and maintain our Electrical Installations at high standards and always keep our clients' needs in mind.

Here are some automation and controls solutions, from full-ship control systems to standalone applications.

  • Electrical panels
  • Medium-voltage switchboards
  • Low-voltage electrical switch-gear
  • Low-voltage distribution systems
  • Cabling
  • Cable tray fitting
  • Automation
    • Installation
    • Start-Up
    • Monitoring
    • Commissioning


Evomarine understands that HVAC is about improving air quality, it serves to improve indoor air quality and provide comfort for everyone. Air exchange is necessary to replenish oxygen and remove odors, carbon dioxide, and excessive moisture.

Evomarine’s teams offer complete turnkey solutions, system design, material supply, installation, supervision and commissioning.

Some of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Spiral Duct Manufacturing
  • Rectangular Ducts Manufacturing
  • Spiral and Rectangular Ducts Installation
  • Air inlets/outlets fabrication
  • Internal/external air grids fabrication
  • Exhaust Gas pipe fabrication and installation
  • Cooling plant
  • Absorption unit
  • Connection piping and ducts
  • Control and monitoring devices
  • Propane chiller
  • Water filtration unit
  • Galley induction ventilation
  • Axial fans
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Dampers
  • Air flow ducts
  • UV biological control system
  • Humidifiers
  • Duct fans
  • Cabin units and diffuses
  • Airflow command and control & monitoring devices


Evomarine is adamant about cost efficiency, and we keep that in mind when performing insulation jobs. Heat loss is a significant source of wasted energy in the marine industry. Therefore it is imperative to have a turn-key process from choosing the appropriate insulation through implementation and maintenance.

Our insulation solutions are designed to reduce heat loss, protect assets and ensure environmental and emission compliance.

HVAC Piping Insulation

HVAC Ductwork Insulation

Plumbing Systems Insulation

Hot/Cold Systems Insulation

Exhaust Systems Insulation

Tank & Equipment Insulation

Bulkheads / A60

Floating floors

Galva sheet jacketing


Our clients operate in international waters, and we are keen to keep the Oceans safe and clean. To comply with international environmental regulations, we provide a full range of services with minimal downtime and disruption. We have created special flows in our processes to accommodate the needs of our clients.

We accompany our clients through the entire process, from choosing the appropriate systems to installing and even retrofitting.

  • Ballast Water
  • Grey Water
  • Scrubber Installation –Tower + Structures + Piping + Tank modifications
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Plant
  • Oil water Separator


  • Design, production, procurement and construction of cabins & public spaces from crew to luxury;
  • Cabin addition, conversions, refurbishment;
  • Restaurant and revenue space conversions & refurbishment;
  • Underway riding crew conversion and repairs of pax and crew areas.
marine interior construction and refurbishment